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The Wave in the Mind
The exhibition is named after Ursula K. Le Guin’s book “The Wave in the Mind.” The exhibition comprises works that intersect with Merve Dündar’s series titled “Webs of meaning” between 2020 and 2021 and serve as a continuation of this series. The exhibition presents the audience with the patterns that make up a “map of sensory sources” which the artist created through repeating gestures and following the traces of her memories; paper collages built with words of feeling; prints that search for the layers of social codes; and her work that include site-specific interventions. The cages that make up the “webs of meaning” series find themselves a new place at this exhibition by being reimagined as networks of communications for neurons.

The exhibition focuses on how the boundaries of mind and worlds of meaning are formed and how emotions and behaviors are shaped, by way of our interaction with the outside world. The artist, who places the relationship of the inner world with the outside at the center of her works, strives to access common feelings and experiences based on her own personal excavation. While progressing through personal memories in different forms, textures, and expressions, the exhibition also proposes to think about the effects of social norms on our world of meaning.

The exhibition The Wave in the Mind invites the audience to an experience, accompanied by questions such as “What are the limits of our mind?”, “How do these limits shape our emotions and behaviors?”, “How is our world of meaning formed?”, “How does it affect our decisions?” and “Where are language and words positioned in relation to this?”


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